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Deeper causes require deeper solutions.  Transformation from the inside out…

Hello and welcome.  My name is Suzanne Mark, and my partner Dr. Daniel Sternberg and I have researched and practiced for many years to find deeper solutions that can be applied to almost any issue.

In large part, our search has led me to the BRAIN and to new, neurological approaches to change many chronic or acute issues.  My partner, Dr. Daniel Sternberg, and I feel very pleased to have added IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback to our practices.  Daniel is a Clinical Psychologist who works with PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other issues.  He uses EMDR along with other specialized approaches.  In his many years of practice, he has always gravitated toward “rapid intervention” that provides faster relief than years of (often inefficient) talk therapy.

You may have tried many approaches and feel like you have hit an invisible ceiling. With these approaches, we are able to help clients we could not before.

Hitting_Ceiling IASIS MCN does not train the brain like traditional neurofeedback; rather it “retrains” the brain and CNS (central nervous system) so it can reorganize itself and change its own formerly fixed patterns.  You may think of it like re-booting a computer.  As the brain becomes self-aware, it changes itself.

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The truth is that underneath your surface issue(s), you may feel like you cannot fix it because you have no idea WHAT the core (subconscious or neurological) issue is! As one client said, “My vitality, potential and life force are being drained and I do not know WHY.” Or, as another client said, “I feel like I am moving forward and then a giant invisible rubber band pulls me back”. Many feel like they cannot make progress on an issue, whether it be chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, trauma, depression, emotional habits, or some deeper neurological issue that other approaches have not helped completely.

Please know that I have been there. After my head injury in 2011, it was quite difficult to function.

Currently, I experience my life very differently. I feel so  different, that it is hard to believe that I am the same person. Let me assure you, it is possible for you feel like yourself again.  Fully 85% of the people who use IASIS MCN experience an amelioration of symptoms.  That is a number that other approaches to not come near.  In a recent study of PTSD and TBI in veterans at UCSD, the number was even higher.   See testimonials here:


We can help.

You can have lasting results by using key tools and by shifting your core beliefs. Together, we will REWRITE your stuck areas so that you are re-wired for health, happiness and success. It has worked for thousands of people and it can work for you. Once these stuck places in your neurology are retrained by new frequencies, you are free to live in your highest good.

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Here is a testimonial from July 2013:

“It has been a week since my session with Suzanne and the profound feeling of calm and peace is still with me. As most of us know, when you experience an emotional shift, the results can fade quickly. The problems you wanted to “fix” come back because they were never truly addressed and resolved. The big “AHA” becomes an important but usually small step forward. But in one session with Suzanne has “reshuffled the deck” of my life and produced profound and lasting results. There isn’t an aspect of my life that hasn’t been positively changed since our session. I’ve lost weight, I’m more engaged in my life, I communicate better with my husband, my friends, my family – and I know that my life will only continue to move in this direction.

Suzanne has a kind, loving and generous spirit. She wants you to find healing and harmony and actively works with you to achieve your goals. I recommend Suzanne to anyone who is ready for an amazingly positive and life-changing experience.”

~A.R., Tempe, Arizona

November 2014

“I’ve known Suzanne for many years now, and have tremendous faith in her abilities as a facilitator. During a recent conversation, she shared some of the new techniques that she’s been working with; primarily the questioning process she devised. I work in sales and am quite often challenged to meet high quotas. This year, numbers have been down company wide, and the pressure is on. When we discussed the Freeing Questions process, I was eager to apply it to see what kind of results I would get. I went to work the next day, which was the last day of the month, and was utterly amazed at what occurred. As I was walking down the hallway, I was mentally asking myself a question related to my work, when I suddenly had the sense that I was outside of my body, observing some sort of reprogramming occurring. When I returned to my desk, orders continued to flow in for the remainder of the day. What impressed me was that some of these customers I had been working with for months – without any notice, they suddenly sent in orders that I’ve been chasing since Spring! As a result, I was able to close out the month at a significantly higher level than I had been anticipating. Rest assured, I will be using this technique frequently from now on – it’s my new ‘go-to’ for turning even the most stubborn situations around.”                                                                                                                                          ~Natascha D. LaVielle, Software Sales

Thanks for visiting my website, and I look forward to serving you in meeting your goals.


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