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    Learn to Speak with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

In this class, you will learn how to receive DIRECT guidance from your Angelic Support Team!

Suzanne has been teaching others to access the assistance of their Angels and Guides for over 20 years. This is an important skill to have, in order to connect you to your truth and the deep well of inner guidance that is always available to you. In this class, you will develop gifts of Clairaudience and Clairsentience that are indispensable for you to chart your own life course with the help of the highest Divine frequencies for YOUR path and YOUR truth.

If you know that you have gifts to share, but you are unsure of how to bring them to the world, you will love the strength, clarity and support that come to you as you learn the Four Fundamentals of Angelspeake. This class is inspired by the book Angelspeake, by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold.

In this powerful, practical workshop you will receive:

~Written messages from your Angels, Guides and Teachers
~Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing
~Spiritual Growth
~Recognition of your Divine Gifts
~Activation of your Spiritual Hearing
…and so much more.

Classes ongoing in Atenas, Costa Rica and by phone.
Call or email for dates and times, or to organize a class.
!Haga CLIK Aqui!

Contact suzanne@suzannemark.com, by phone at US 801.582.0628, Costa Rica 8652-5586 or Skypename: slsuzanne


Deep, fast, directed change

To effortlessly merge ALL aspects of the self, in order to relax deeply into yourself and fully experience life — without an agenda. What would this be like?

My focus is on helping you easily integrate all the different aspects of your experience. The ones you prefer, the ones you don’t.   This leads you to a space of expanded presence and wholeness.

For a while now, I have realized that the methods that I have been most interested in all bring us back to our original essence.  This essence of who we are is not separate, or striving, or in pain. As we return to our essence, we can DROP even longstanding patterns and painful conditions.

The work that we do together must WORK and not be something that you have to keep coming back to again and again.  You should be able to clear a specific issue in a few sessions.

Whether you have been working very hard on yourself, switching from one modality to another and trying to heal trauma, pain or stuck spots, or you have never done deep transformational work before, new research indicates that just working on our feelings about what happened or beliefs about what happened can take a long time and we are on a treadmill of constantly having to work on ourselves.

THANKFULLY, there are faster ways. By integrating the deep unconscious content in our experience, the undesired pattern and the VIBRATIONAL pattern that holds it in place can release, and the limiting patterns dissolve.

Maybe the reason that these things have been so hard to heal in the past is because we have been looking in the wrong place. We are always working on the concious content when we should be diving DEEPER to the unconscious aspects of our experience.

For example, let’s talk about shifting patterns of lack around money and success. Let’s say you have used all the Law of Attraction tricks, and you still find that the pattern does not shift. Why not? You are working on your FEELINGS around money, BELIEFS about money and ACTIONS with money, and still only see marginal shift. Why?

When we allow the pattern to unwind through the inherent polarities and present moment awareness, we can accomplish deep, fundamental change that has thus far escaped us. Quickly, simply, permanently.

Click here to see a testimonial on a 20 minute session:

You CAN return to your natural state, where it is ok to exist effortlessly and without an agenda. And, yes, you can get A LOT accomplished! Most of your limitation is actually a result of unacknowledged, hidden duality that has kept you from resting as who you are.

Let’s take an example:

Judith had a long-term, debilitating fear of public speaking, and as we went into the pattern, she realized that it all came down to a feeling of being unworthy to be “seen”. This had an ancestral root of deep shame. When we cleared that (in 37 minutes) she was able to give a speech THE NEXT DAY at a major institution without contraction or apprehension. She could allow herself to be seen, and she had fun with it!

Click here to see more testimonials.

The goal of my sessions and seminars is to unwind the stuck places in your experience by using polarities and present moment awareness.   In many years of trial and error, these are the most powerful tools I have found.

Once these stuck places are cleaned up, you are free to LIVE IN your highest good. Please see my Services Page for more information on Private Sessions.

Here is a recent testimonial (July 2013):

“It has been a week since my Deep PEAT session with Suzanne and the profound feeling of calm and peace is still with me. As most of us who walk a spiritual path know when you experience an emotional or spiritual shift, the results can fade quickly. The problems you wanted to “fix” come back because they were never truly addressed and resolved. The big “AHA” becomes an important but usually small step forward. But one session with Suzanne has “reshuffled the deck” of my life and produced profound and lasting results. There isn’t an aspect of my life that hasn’t been positively changed since our session – I’ve lost weight, I’m more engaged in my life, I communicate better with my husband, my friends, my family – and I know that my life will only continue to move in this direction.

Suzanne is truly gifted healer with a kind, loving and generous spirit. She wants you to find peace and harmony and actively works with you to achieve your goals. I recommend Suzanne to anyone who is ready for an amazingly positive and life-changing experience.”

Thanks for visiting my website, and I am looking forward to sharing your freedom with you!

Blessings and love,


Contact suzanne@suzannemark.com, by phone at US 801.582.0628 or Skypename: slsuzanne

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